• Service Area Coordinator (Recreation Programming)

    Cincinnati Recreation Commission
    Job Description


    $56,148.78 - $75,459.27 Annually
    Ohio 45202, OH
    Job Type
    Full-time Classified
    Recreation Commission
    Job Number
    11/5/2019 11:59 PM Eastern
    General Statement of Duties

    Under general direction, this employee is responsible for the management of community recreational center(s) and for the supervision of assigned recreation personnel and their Service Area consisting of one or more communities. This employee has administrative responsibility for recreational programs and services provided at other locations within the Service Area (schools, parks, churches, etc.) through collaboration and outreach and may also require non-community based responsibilities. This employee assesses Service Area needs and develops, organizes and implements programs designed to meet these identified needs in accordance with the policies of Recreation Commission. Performs related duties as required.

    Minimum Qualifications (KSAs)

    (Illustrative only. Any one position may not require all of the listed KSAs nor do the listed examples include all the KSAs which may be required.)
    Knowledge of:
    Operating policies and procedures of the department
    Emergency and general safety procedures and practices 
    Program goals and objectives of the department
    Basic management techniques (goals setting, motivation, etc.)
    Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation
    Basic accounting and bookkeeping fundamentals
    Basic principles of marketing and public relations
    Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations
    Principles of budget preparation and financial forecasting
    Community resources and existing support agencies related to park, recreation, and leisure activities
    Contract, grant, and specification writing
    Operation of computers and use of associated software applications
    Standard English grammar, usage and spelling; standard business correspondence formats
    Safety policies and procedures, e.g., Employee Safety Instruction Manual and applicable agency requirements
    Considerable knowledge of the principles and techniques of planning, promoting, organizing and conducting recreational activities
    Considerable knowledge of fundamentals, rules, skills, techniques, equipment and materials involved in a variety of recreational activities
    Considerable knowledge of objectives of a recreation program
    Basic understanding of the CRC business plan 

    Skill to:
    Operate appropriate computer equipment; properly use all related hardware and software
    Operate assigned vehicle in the course of duty
    Speak publicly 
    Problem solve

    Ability to:
    Prepare cost projections and monitor/control budgetary compliance
    Establish work priorities
    Determine area staff and equipment requirements
    Monitor a budget and analyze and interpret accounting/financial information
    Determine work schedules for staff
    Organize and facilitate meetings involving a variety of participants
    Provide training to staff and volunteers
    Maintain a professional manner in stressful situations
    Work as a team member with area staff, peers, outside agencies, and volunteers 
    Perform basic statistical functions
    Plan appropriate programs for targeted audiences 
    Mobilize human resources
    Interview and assess abilities of job applicants 
    Facilitate problem-solving at the service area level
    Evaluate service area activities and programs related to quantity, quality, and meeting goals and objectives
    Instruct others in a variety of recreational activities
    Plan, direct, and coordinate a varied recreation program and win the support of staff and the general public for these programs
    Schedule recreational activities and personnel
    Make recommendations regarding personnel, equipment, maintenance, safety and supply functions
    Supervise, correct and train subordinate staff
    Develop and maintain harmonious organizational and public relationships
    Maintain records and to prepare manuals, correspondence and reports
    Operate a computer and utilize related software
    Effectively communicate orally and in writing
    Develop and present business plans


    Required Education and Experience

    Note: Resume and college transcripts (if qualifying based on education) must be attached or application will be rejected.

    Each applicant must have five years of experience as a Community Center Director with the City of Cincinnati Recreation Department or an organization with similar operations (i.e. YMCA, YWCA, Boys & Girls Club, etc.)


    Two years of experience as a Community Center Director or Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator, with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission or with an organization that offers similar programming and services with a Bachelor's (COPY OF TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE ATTACHED) degree. (i.e. YMCA, YWCA, Boys & Girls Club etc.)


    One year experience as a Community Center Director or Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator, with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, and a Master's degree in Recreation Administration (COPY OF TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE ATTACHED)or related field. (Business Administration/Organizational Leadership/Education/ Public Administration etc.) 

    Must have a valid Driver's License.
    Must furnish own vehicle; may be required to drive to various work sites.
    Must be willing to work a flexible schedule including irregular hours, mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays, if necessary.

    Military education and experience may be substituted for college level course work at the lower and upper division baccalaureate and graduate levels and apprenticeship training at the vocational certificate level on a case by case basis based on the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide recommendations.



    Working and Physical Conditions

    Environmental Conditions: Office/outdoor environment; travel to various locations; exposure to varying conditions; exposure to moving vehicles.

    Physical Conditions:
    Duties may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time; general manual dexterity required; audio- visual and linguistic acuity required; work closely with others.

    City of Cincinnati
    805 Central Avenue Suite 200

    Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
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