• Chief Operating Officer

    Great Parks of Hamilton County
    Job Description
    Great Parks of Hamilton County is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to serve as mentor and team builder to the senior leadership team and to plan the overall operation of assigned divisions and departments.  The COO works with the Chief Executive Officer to implement the Great Parks' vision through the mission and comprehensive master plan and supports the CEO in the execution of Board policies.  Other responsibilities include developing goals and strategies for park district funding, land management, conservation, operations, safety and guest experiences.  
    This position is based in Winton Woods Park.
    Job Skills/Requirements
    To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential duty listed below.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.  
    Provides support to the Chief Executive Officer in the development of the agency vision.

    Supports the Chief Executive Officer and Policy Governance Model through execution of Board Policies including Executive Limitation, Governance Process, Board-Management Delegation and Ends.  Manages the monitoring report process in coordination with division chiefs.

    Maintains responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer, as assigned, due to absences or as workload demands.
    Leads executive level meetings to provide information to division chiefs and senior management team, coordinates division responsibilities, and plans the overall operation of assigned divisions and departments.
    Provides support to the Chief Executive Officer in long range planning and developing goals including park district funding, land use, land management, conservation, operations, development and guest experiences.
    Serves as Secretary to the Board of Park Commissioners; assists the Chief Executive Officer in preparation and coordination of Board agenda, minutes and reports; attends all Board meetings.

    Maintains and ensures good communications and relations with park visitors; communicates externally with elected and appointed officials and agencies, support groups, organizations and media, and maintains good media and community relations; promotes Great Parks and maintains good public relations; answers questions from the public.
    Clearly communicates objectives and vision to ensure assigned divisions and departments are working cooperatively to accomplish stated strategic goals, annual work plans and special projects and initiatives.
    Serves as mentor, team builder and motivator to assigned senior leadership team.
    Develops long and short term goals and objectives; provides leadership in problem solving and policy development, interpretation and enforcement; determines project goals, time frames and standards, and ensures projects are completed through efficient use of resources.
    Supervises assigned staff, divisions and departments; delegates work, provides direction, establishes work priorities, and ensures work is completed in a quality manner; conducts evaluations, hires staff, provides training, and maintains authority to provide verbal and written discipline, suspensions and discharges, and pay increases.
    Serves as a member of the Budget Committee, Investment Committee, Personnel Committee, Land Team and Crisis Communication Team; serves as the Designated Official for the agency related to ADA compliance; chairs the Leadership Team.
    Develops and manages the Administration department budget.
    Coordinates special projects.
    Serves on regional and statewide committees and boards, and participates in outside organizations to keep informed of developments and trends in the conservation and parks and recreation fields.
    Performs job duties in accordance with Great Parks of Hamilton County’s policies, procedures, and performance expectations. 
    Maintains confidentiality of confidential and sensitive information.
    Works assigned schedule, exhibits regular and punctual attendance and works outside of normal schedule as required. 
    The following physical demands are typically exhibited by position incumbents performing this job’s essential duties and responsibilities.  These physical demands are not, and should not be construed to be job qualification standards, but are illustrated to help the employer, employee and/or applicant identify tasks where reasonable accommodations may need to be made when an otherwise qualified person is unable to perform the job’s essential duties because of an ADA disability.
    The employee frequently exhibits manual dexterity performing job duties, and frequently talks and hears when working and interacting with job contacts. The employee frequently sits for extended periods of time, and occasionally stands and walks. Employee typically exhibits normal vision demands. Employee regularly lifts items up to 10 pounds, and occasionally lifts items up to 25 pounds.

    Knowledge of: advanced management principles and practices; Great Parks policy, procedures and objectives; Board Governance; budget development and management; Ohio Revised Code; personnel policies and principles; employee training techniques, procedures and development; computer software, programs and applications.
    Ability to: analyze financial data and formulate viable conclusions; coordinate divisions and departments toward common objectives; apply management principles to practical work situations and problems; provide creativity and initiative in planning, developing and implementing new programs; plan and implement long and short range goals; evaluate difficult or unusual work situations; identify problems and determine appropriate solutions; evaluate and interpret written reports; exercise sound judgment in dealing with unusual, sensitive or difficult management situations; collaborate effectively with the Chief Executive Officer and other senior leadership; develop and maintain effective working relationships with direct reports, associates, division chiefs, directors and the general public; communicate effectively in verbal and written form; exhibit good problem solving and good judgement in keeping with the mission of the park district; maintain confidential and sensitive information; understand and demonstrate respect for cultural and socio-economic differences; support a working atmosphere consistent with Great Parks’ equal employment opportunity; embrace and support constructive change; consistently follow safety and security procedures and practices; contribute toward building a positive team working environment; establish and maintain an effective working relationship with associates, officials, general public, and other job contacts.

    Skill in: leadership; public relations; organization; team building; listening; interpreting and applying statistical and situational information; interviewing; planning, scheduling and organizing work; collaborating and networking with other agencies, organizations and businesses; conflict resolution; maintaining accurate and complete records; written and verbal communications; preparing and making presentations; operation of computer and application of job related software.
    An appropriate combination of education, training, course work and experience may qualify an applicant to demonstrate required knowledge, skills, and abilities.  An example of an acceptable qualification is: 
    Bachelor’s Degree in related field and more than 10 years of experience which evidences a comprehensive knowledge of management and leadership.
    Ability to document identity and employment eligibility within three (3) days of original appointment as a condition of employment in compliance with Immigration Reform and Control Act requirements.
    State Motor Vehicle Operator’s License that meets GPHC current carrier guidelines.
    The salary is negotiable based on experience.  The salary range is $96,214/yr-$144,321.yr.
    Applications must be submitted online prior to 11:59pm, Saturday, December 21, 2019. The full job posting can be viewed by visiting

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