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    Job Description Summary:
    Job ID: 6985 - FT - Unclassified (salaried) - https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/job-details?jobid=6985
    The Title IX Investigator reports to the Director of the Office of Community Standards; promptly investigates cases of alleged student and student organization misconduct consistent with university policy, and specifically Title IX complaints, which include but are not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct (including sexual exploitation and indecent exposure), dating or domestic violence, and stalking. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: interviewing witnesses; fact-finding; drawing reasonable conclusions; keeping accurate and thorough records and notes; and issuing a report at the conclusion of each investigation.  This person will occasionally provide information during student disciplinary proceedings.  All of this will be accomplished while maintaining an impartial, unbiased and fair position, and acting with sensitivity towards the issues and needs of all parties. In addition to case analysis, data review, and trend assessment, other duties as assigned.
    Duties/Physical Demands:
    The Office of Community Standards manages the student conduct process for Miami University.  The staff works within tight timelines and manages a large caseload throughout the year.  Meeting deadlines is critical and requires attention to detail. Confidential record keeping and interfacing with a myriad of constituents (students, families, lawyers, faculty, administrators and police officers) will occur on a daily basis. Willingness to work outside of the 8am to 5pm standard office hours to accomplish job tasks effectively and efficiently. This position will perform the following (not an exhaustive list):
    Investigation and Consultation:
    • Receive Title IX complaints, which include but are not limited to, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct (including sexual exploitation and indecent exposure), dating, domestic violence and stalking.
    • Identify University policies and/or Code of Student Conduct provisions and relevant to a complaint.
    • Exercise judgment regarding the resolution of complaints including formal investigations.
    • Write concise, logical, analytical reports that clearly convey complex issues.
    • Conduct prompt, equitable and impartial administrative investigation into complaints including identifying and interviewing parties and identifying, gathering and assessing information relevant to the investigation; apply relevant policies and make findings of fact in individual cases.
    • Actively foster and maintain a climate that is supportive of students and respectful of differences.
    • Develop and maintain relationships and clear lines of communication with campus and community partners.
    • Collaborate with on and off campus resources, including law enforcement and victim services, in completing investigations.
    • Work with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students to ensure the University's processes, responses, and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations related to compliance with non-discrimination laws.
    • Continuously identify and integrate best practices in the Title IX investigation arena into knowledge base practice.  Stay abreast of current movements in the field of student conduct investigations by participating in conferences, workshops, training, etc.
    • Build relationships with colleagues at peer institutions; review current literature and research; participate in local, regional and/or national professional associations and organizations
    Related Duties:
    • Meet one-on-one with students related to Title IX/student conduct issues and concerns, as needed/appropriate.
    • Review and evaluate reports from multiple sources (e.g.; Miami Police; Oxford Police; Office of Residence Life; etc); track trends and evaluate situations/cases that might warrant additional investigation/scrutiny.
    • Other duties as assigned to meet the flexible and evolving needs of the office.
    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Earned Bachelor’s degree;
    • Minimum of two years of graduate or professional experience in student conduct in a college or university setting;
    • Working knowledge of non-discrimination laws and compliance regulations including Title IX, due process protections as they apply to student conduct proceedings, the Clery Act, VAWA and FERPA;
    • Ability to maintain neutrality and work under stress;
    • Demonstrated commitment to diversity to support an inclusive campus environment;
    • Strong and effective interpersonal skills; the ability to listen well and demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for individual needs;
    • Excellent judgment with the ability to manage highly sensitive and confidential information.
    • Strong skills in the areas of conflict resolution, problem solving techniques, interviewing and investigation;
    • Strong analytical skills and the ability to asses and negotiate complex, highly sensitive situations.
    Preferred Qualifications:            
    • Earned Master’s degree in Student Affairs, Higher Education, Counseling, or related field;
    • Three (3) years of experience in student conduct administration;
    • Exceptional critical thinking skills demonstrated by the ability to analyze information, evaluate results, and facilitate resolutions of difficult challenges, including the ability to handle issues of complex and extreme sensitivity.
    • Working knowledge of Maxient student conduct database and/or conduct data systems.
    Application Information and Instructions:
    Please visit
    https://miamioh.edu/jobs and locate this position (using the Job ID listed in the Job Description Summary above) by selecting “Job Search” or by using the direct link: https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/job-details?jobid=6985. Only online applications will be accepted for this position.
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    Miami University, an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, encourages applications from minorities, women, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.  Miami University prohibits harassment, discrimination and retaliation on the basis of sex/gender (including sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking), race, color, religion, national origin (ancestry), disability, age (40 years or older), sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, status as a parent or foster parent, military status, or veteran status in its recruitment, selection, and employment practices. Requests for all reasonable accommodations for disabilities related to employment should be directed to
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