• Director, Partnership Development

    KnowledgeWorks Foundation
    Job Description
    Reporting to the Chief Learning Officer, Director of Partnership Development is responsible for cultivating new relationships with school system leaders. This position will support the design of new KnowledgeWorks partnership agreements and progress towards annual growth and impact targets. This position is also responsible for aligning new opportunities to KnowledgeWorks’ broader equity impact commitments. Serving often as the first point of contact for KnowledgeWorks, this person must be knowledgeable of KnowledgeWorks in Schools’ tools, processes, and strategies that support the implementation of highly personalized learning opportunities for learners, educators, and the communities in which we serve.

    Work with Chief Learning Officer to develop and implement strategic business development plan
    • Create, refine, and institutionalize KnowledgeWorks’ partnership development processes including managing the pipeline process.
    • Ensure processes align with functions across the KWiS team and in alignment with the broader KnowledgeWorks organization.
    • Contribute to identifying, aligning, and implementing systems that support the development process (i.e. CRM system).
    • Assist with efforts to secure grants and other funding opportunities to support the growth of KWiS’ work.
    • Gather partner feedback to enhance KWiS’ learning designs, professional development supports, and implementation strategies.

    Assist with all KnowledgeWorks in Schools Operations
    • Partner with the Chief Learning Officer to execute annual planning activities.
    • Provide opportunities for team collaboration including team meetings, retreats, etc.
    • Provide partnership support to appropriate members of the KnowledgeWorks in Schools team.

    Partnership Cultivation and Advocacy
    • Represent KnowledgeWorks as a national expert and thought leader on topics relevant to personalized, competency-based learning.
    • Blog, write, share and engage partners in KnowledgeWorks’ thought leadership to grow the organization’s national influence.
    • Attend, present, speak, and connect with potential partners at strategic. industry-related conferences.

    KnowledgeWorks is a Cincinnati-based foundation, however this position may serve remotely with hiring manager approval.

    Interested candidates should apply at https://knowledgeworks.org/careers/.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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