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    January 15, 2020
    Hello Certified Firms, Contractors, Small Business Associations and City Staff -
    Re: Bidding Opportunities
    The City of Cincinnati Department of Community & Economic Development’s Meet and Confer will be held Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 9:00 AM, 805 Central Avenue, II Centennial Plaza, 7th Floor, Griesel Room. Attached, please find the agenda with the construction project of which will be presented.  Should you have questions regarding a project listed on the agenda, please contact the City Analyst listed under the respective project.
    Our website is still under construction; however, our Meet & Confer Meetings and information is now Live.  Go to
    https://choosecincy.com and double click on the Opportunities tab in the top right corner of the page then scroll to the bottom of the page to Meet & Confer.  Then double click on Meet & Confer and you will be guided to meeting page.  Dates at the bottom half of the webpage will show previous and current meeting dates.  If you missed a meeting and want to see what was presented simply click on the highlighted date to view the agenda.  We thank you for your patience and more features will be forthcoming on the webpage.  Stay tuned.
    For other bid opportunities with the City, click on this link through the City’s website,
    Anthony V. Cadle, MPA | Senior Development Officer
    Department of Community and Economic Development
    Two Centennial Plaza | 805 Central Avenue, Suite 700 | Cincinnati, OH 45202
    (O) 513-352-6118 | (F) 513-352-6257

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