• Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati DACA STATEMENT

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    February 21, 2018


    The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA encourages our local elected federal representatives to support a permanent Legislative Solution to the now embarrassing DACA situation.

    We stand in support of the 1.8 million DACA recipients. We strongly urge Congress to pass legislation establishing DACA as law, effectively ending the program’s instability including their path for citizenship.

    While we estimate we only have approximately 500 – 700 of them in the Cincinnati-Metro area, these individuals were brought to this country through no fault of their own at an average age of six years old!

    This lack of action goes against not only the values of this country, but forces all these valuable individuals into the shadows of the underground economy. These individuals have already become dynamic contributors to our American economy, and play an important role in our communities. Ending the DACA program and forcing them to leave the country, and America will face a $433 billion reduction in economic growth over the next decade.

    72% of the top 25 Fortune 500 Companies employ them. Over 91 % of Dreamers are employed and they pay roughly $2 billion each year in state and local taxes. Dreamers are also students. Every year 65,000 graduate from high school and 10,000 are enrolled in universities.
    We will always advocate for pro-growth policies to benefit the 4.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses across the country, and the 2,000 + Hispanic-owned businesses we have in the Cincinnati-Metro area, but this deplorable situation goes against humanity, our American values and our economy.

    Thanks for doing business with us.
    Alfonso Cornejo
    Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA