• Just Overnight Opportunity at World Affairs Council

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    March 06, 2018

    "Just Overnight" Opportunity

    The World Affairs Council is working with the U.S. State Department to host 12 Iraqi students with families for two weeks, July 11-24, 2018. The students will be with you and your family during their program. It is up to you to show them what you think is BEST about the region.
    About the Visitors

    The students are 12 high school students from Iraq. Participants in this program will be able to speak English. They will be participating in a two week youth leadership program during the weekdays they are in Cincinnati, to gain leadership skills and learn about American Culture. Visiting with host families is one way that the students will be immersed in American culture.
    Expectations and next steps

    The council looks for families willing to host two or more visitors, but other arrangements can be made. The hosts may be a family, a couple, or a single person. They are volunteers who are interested in meeting visitors and learning about their countries and their view, and in sharing their own perspectives and interests with the visitors. We ask that your provide each visitor with a separate bed and access to a bathroom (shared is okay). 

    About Hosting

    Hosting allows local Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Residents to make friends from around the world, experience different and exciting cultures, and hear first-hand what is happening around the world. The visitors in turn take a true perspective of the United States back to their countries, in addition to fond memories of generous and hospitable hosts.

    First time hosting?

    If this is your first time hosting with the council, 
    please click here to fill out this volunteer form then someone from our office will contact you to do a "site visit" to your home. This is a short (20 minute) visit of your home to confirm that the accommodations have been met and to answer any questions you may have. 

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