• MYCincinnati's COVID-19 Response

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    March 26, 2020

    On March 11, we suspended all daily programming indefinitely, and students picked up their instruments to take home. Within one week, we transitioned all MYCincinnati activities online, creating a brand new website for students that has level-specific video classes, musical resources, and recordings. This website is updated twice a week and is, I have to say, amazing. I've included some screenshots at the bottom of this email. This website, in addition to a private Instagram channel for students and teachers to upload practice videos (and silly ones too), has been effective in keeping our students engaged, connected, and playing music.

    This crisis has been extremely difficult for our community, as I’m sure it has been for yours. But, it has made even clearer what we already knew: MYCincinnati teachers will stop at nothing to make sure our students have free access to the highest quality music education and a supportive, creative community. It has also highlighted one of MYCincinnati’s greatest strengths: flexibility. Since the beginning, our ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, new opportunities, and unforeseen challenges has led to our most impactful innovations: the Ambassador Ensemble, the Youth Apprentice Program, Homework Hour, and the Artists-in-Residence Program, to name just a few. 

    Right now, much is uncertain. However, we remain 100% committed to our 100+ students, our teachers, and our mission. And we remain committed to keeping you informed as MYCincinnati continues to adapt and evolve.

    We need your help, though. Right now. Can you become a monthly Sustaining Donor and/or make a one-time gift

    Can you ask one friend, family member, or co-worker to become a Sustaining Donor and/or make a gift?

    As you might have guessed, we’ve had to cancel or indefinitely postpone many fundraising events, and if we don’t make them up, we’re going to take a significant financial hit. 

    Please seriously consider becoming a Sustaining Donor and/or making a one-time gift now.

    When we practice music, we plant seeds of resilience. When we play, we create joy. When the worst of this crisis passes, it will be artists — young artists — that rebuild our sense of connectedness and project an inspiring vision of our collective futures.

    Please make a gift today and/or increase your monthly donation.

    Thank you, as always, for your support. And thank you for continuing to believe in the transformative power of music. Make sure to follow the MYCincinnati Facebook / Instagram and Price Hill Will Facebook / Instagram to stay up to date. And don’t hesitate to reach out — I’d love to hear from you.