• LULAC Cincinnati

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    May 16, 2019
    On January 30, immigrants, DACA recipients and asylees told their stories of why they were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in the U.S. Local community-based organizations brought accurate information to the public and to Congress through these stories to refute Trump's false narrative. 

    The recent push by President Trump, attempting to get funding for a border wall, has brought to the fore the wrenching stories of fear, violence, and extreme poverty that drives people from their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. Most of us can understand a parent's decision to migrate when their children must choose between involuntary gang membership and death. Migration may also be the only option when a family has lost their land and can no longer feed their children. No wall could-or should-stop families from seeking safety, sustenance, and the wellbeing of their children. No immigration policy should prompt us to turn our backs on neighbors in desperate need of aid.