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    May 16, 2019
    LULAC Cincinnati News
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    Civil Rights Press Conference
    Con Ganas Membership Campaign
    Eduardo Chavez, Grandson of Cesar Chavez
    LULAC Scholarships 2019
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    LULAC Ohio Elections  
    New LULAC Ohio officers were elected on Saturday, February 9th at a State meeting in Columbus Ohio.  
    Alicia Pagan, Dayton Ohio Council 39000, was elected State Director. 
    Click here to see the list of the new LULAC Ohio Board of Directors for 2019.

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    Welcome to our first issue of LULAC Cincinnati newsletter for 2019. The purpose of this newsletter is to make you aware of who we are and what we are doing in the community. If you would like to join our LULAC family, please click here.
    Civil Rights Press Conference   

    Don Sherman, Alejandra Best and Lourdes Ribera represented  
    LULAC at the Press Conference
    On January 30, immigrants, DACA recipients and asylees told their stories of why they were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in the U.S. Local community-based organizations brought accurate information to the public and to Congress through these stories to refute Trump's false narrative.
    The recent push by President Trump, attempting to get funding for a border wall, has brought to the fore the wrenching stories of fear, violence, and extreme poverty that drives people from their homes to seek refuge elsewhere.Most of us can understand a parent's decision to migrate when their children must choose between involuntary gang membership and death. Migration may also be the only option when a family has lost their land and can no longer feed their children. No wall could-or should-stop families from seeking safety, sustenance, and the wellbeing of their children. No immigration policy should prompt us to turn our backs on neighbors in desperate need of aid.
    "Con Ganas" Membership Campaign  
    LULAC must continue the work of building a national organization capable of defending and protecting the rights of Latinos and their families. We must build on our 90 year legacy, embrace these new challenges and recommit ourselves to the work of broadening our base and strengthening our ties to communities where we currently exist. We need more power. We need more resources. And most importantly we need MORE MEMBERS.
    Hermanas y hermanos we need to get back to the basics - to having conversations with the people we know best about why we do this work, why LULAC matters and why we need our circle of amigos y familia
    to join LULAC NOW.  
    The "Con Ganas" Campaign consists of one simple task - each of us asking our amigos and members of our familia to join LULAC as an Associate Member.
    We launched the "Con Ganas" campaign on May 1st and will run the campaign through the last weekend of June. We are asking each of you to focus your outreach exclusively on individuals LULAC members you already know and have a strong relationship with - not cold calls to strangers, random email blasts or generic social media posts.
    Can I count on you to ask at least 10 amigos or members of your familia to join LULAC?
    Eduardo Chavez, Grandson of Cesar Chavez and Director of the Documentary "Hailing Cesar" visited NKU  
    Eduardo Chavez, actor and activist and grandson of the Legendary Cesar Chavez came to NKU on January 23. Chavez is the descendant of two revolutionary families, and his background is reflected in the majority of his work.  
    Chavez is making his directorial debut with the featured documentary "Hailing Cesar" which was released in April 2018. This documentary was shown at NKU. It was an emotional film and had a positive impact on the students. Students had a chance to ask questions and interact with Eduardo. He is the co-founder of Latindia Studios and a member of the Speakers' Board LULAC  for the Chavez Institute for Law and Social Justice.
    LULAC Scholarships 2019  
    Deadline to submit applications for our LULAC 2019 scholarships was March 31. This year we aim at awarding 29 scholarships to talented and underserved Latino students in the tri-state area. We are fortunate to have LNESC, the educational arm of LULAC, match our funds 60%. Scholarships will be awarded to students at a special reception in the fall. Details of the reception will be announced later.
    Thank you for your support