• Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission's Private Security Programs to High School Students

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    February 08, 2017
    Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission's Private Security Programs Offered to High School Students
    The Ohio Attorney General's Peace Officer Training Commission/Academy (OPOTC/A) approves basic training classes, certifies peace officers, and provides advanced training programs are offered through Ohio high school programs.

    Although the private security program is generally geared towards adult learners, there are several high schools in the state that offer the program to high school seniors through career tech programs or elective courses.

    The private security curriculum consist of 124 hours and is worked into the student's school schedule of English, mathematics and science courses. A certificate is issued by OPOTC upon completion of the program and passage of the state certification exam. The high school students are held to the same program standards as adults. Students must pass every skills-based performance objective, earn a minimum of 70% on the state exam, and miss no more than 10% of the non-mandatory program topics (4 hours of class time). Students accepted into the program face rigorous requirements that many of their fellow high school students do not. Students must make up any missed class time, and some are required to do this after school hours or on weekends. Many students are required to wear a security uniform to class, and are trained in a para-military style.

    High school students also participate in various school-related security activities as part of their training.

    Many graduates of the high school private security program go on to pursue careers in law enforcement, as peace officers, TSA security officers, dispatchers, ad security officers for professional sports teams. Graduates have secured prestigious internships with the United States Secret Service, while others have gone on to study law or obtain criminal justice degrees.

    If interested in learning more about tours, or how to develop a private security program in your community, please contact the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

    Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.