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    September 06, 2017
    The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA opposes the President’s inhumane and economically harmful decision to terminate DACA, which was enacted to shield almost 800,000 individuals in the nation and approximately 500 – 700 in the Cincinnati-Metro area. These individuals were brought to this country through no fault of their own at an average age of six years old.

    This action goes against not only the values of this country, but forces all these valuable individuals into the shadows of the underground economy. These individuals have already become dynamic contributors to our American economy, and play an important role in our communities. Ending the DACA program will cost the US economy $280 billion in lost economic growth over the next decade, according to the CATO institute.

    We will always advocate for pro-growth policies to benefit the 4.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses across the country and the 2,000 + Hispanic-owned businesses we have in the Cincinnati-Metro area.

    This deplorable tri-fecta decision goes against humanity, our American values and our economy.

    Alfonso Cornejo, President
    Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA