• The Ito Sisters: An American Story

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    August 19, 2019

    The Ito Sisters: An American Story August 24th, 1pm along with short film Last Choice


    901 Findlay St, Cincinnati Ohio 45214. Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses center

    Last Choice
    A hybrid documentary exploring the social-withdrawal phenomenon in Japan, based on the real incident took place in the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake. Starred by Sho Oyamada(Godzilla Resurgence) and narrated by "VOSOT" Ikeida(the hikikomori who experienced 30 years of isolation), the film represents the ultimate dilemma which embodies the fear and struggle that overwhelms the society. 10 min

    The Ito Sisters
    Is a documentary film capturing the rarely told stories of the earliest Japanese immigrants to the United States and their American-born children. In particular, the film focuses on the experiences of Issei (or immigrant) and Nisei (or first generation born in the US) women, whose voices have largely been excluded from American history.

    According to director and producer Antonia Grace Glenn, “While there have been several important documentary films that explore the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans, there are few if any films that focus on the Japanese American experience before the war. THE ITO SISTERS chronicles the immigration experience of Yetsusaburo Ito in 1897 and his young wife Toku in 1914, as recalled by their daughters a century later. The insights that the three sisters share about what life was like growing up in a racially segregated farm system in the Sacramento Delta are important, rarely told stories. 1 hr 21 min

    Antonia, will be in attendance for Q&A following the film.