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The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA would like for you to get involved in your community, we are always looking for volunteers to assist us in various events as well as projects. Please fill out the volunteer sheet and tell us what areas interest you. Please let us know any other comments you may have.

Please contact HCCUSA Office to have more information about volunteer opportunities in the chamber.

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  *The Hearing Speech and Deaf Center

"The Hearing Speech and Deaf Center is seeking to invigorate and broaden its community advisory, volunteer, and even Board membership base with individuals from the Hispanic community. The Center is a nonprofit organization working in the greater Cincinnati area for over 81 years to empower individuals--regardless of economic background--to overcome communication obstacles.

The Center's Mission is to strengthen our community by supporting individuals and families to overcome obstacles to communication. We believe that communication is the foundation for all human interactions, and the Center provides a barrier-free, inclusive and nurturing environment for individuals and families seeking to overcome obstacles regarding speech, language, hearing or deafness. Should our values and mission http://www.hearingspeechdeaf.com/aboutus.htm"resonate" with you, please contact our Executive Director, Laurie Burman lburman@hearingspeechdeaf.com or 221-0527."





GSV.pdf - Ways To Volunteer.pdf

  *Healthy Women Healthy Lives Program

   *Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is seeking individuals and groups to serve as volunteer ambassadors. Volunteer opportunities include greeting guests as they enter the museum, engaging and educating guests within specific areas of the museum, assisting with group tours of the museum, staffing museum merchandise areas, researching content for museum archives, and assisting with daily office functions. Minimum time requirement would be four to six hours per month. If interested, please contact Ken Freeman (513.765.7922) at the Reds Hall of Fame for more information.