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2023 CincySabroso

A Culinary celebration that delights your cravings!

The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA (HCCUSA) started Cincy Sabroso in 2021 for Hispanic Heritage Month, Sep 15 - Oct 15.  The objective was to promote and inform all residents of the Cincinnati Metro area, which Hispanic/Latino restaurants were geographically closest to them, and to highlight the variety of central and South American cuisines we are fortunate to enjoy all around us.

As we continue seeing the number of Latino/Hispanic restaurants grow in our area, currently numbering over 235, we realized the proper framing of Cincy Sabroso would be promoting it year-round and not only limited to Hispanic Heritage Month.


Online and Printed Restaurant Resources
(Find a printed version on selected restaurants or download a digital version here)

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Local Latino Restaurants by Cuisine