• History

  • We cannot tell the history of the Hispanic Chamber of Cincinnati USA  without  mentioning the late James Harney. He was very involved with the growing Hispanic community in the early nineties. Jim, while working in 

    Michigan and coming home on the weekends, met with a group of Hispanics to discuss politics and social issues. The group included but not limited to Mora Harney, Rachel Coughlin, Gloria Milord, Anita Euhlin, Santiago Sams, V. Anthony Simms-Howell, Julieta Simms, Father Nelson and Onnie Martin. Jorge Ramos provided financial support when needed. It was at these meetings that the forming of an Hispanic Chamber was discussed  as a way to get Latinos involved in business.

    Incorporation of the Hispanic Chamber became a fact under the name Ohio Tri-State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on March 19, 1996, known today as  the Hispanic Chamber of Cincinnati, USA.

    The incorporators were James Harney, V. Anthony Simms-Howell and Onnie Martin. Thereafter there were approximately twenty-five charter members. Leo Calderon, Randy Chavez and Roberto Peraza were the First, Second, and Third Presidents respectively. Alfonso Cornejo is the current President of the Hispanic chamber.

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  • James Harney

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  • Leo Calderon  

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  • Roberto Peraza  

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  • Anthony Simms-Howell 

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  • Onnie Martin

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  • Alfonso Cornejo